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Clean your floor with Scentiva for a nice-smelling house all over!

For a sensorial experience and a wonderfully clean, bacteria-free home, choose Scentiva’s scented floor cleaner

Cleaning different types of floors

What surface takes more impact than any other in your home? Your floor, of course! Tiled or wooden, laminate or stone – whatever material covers your floors, they are an inevitable source of dust and dirt. Naturally, this means that they are also a primary source of unwanted odors.

But getting out the dustpan and brush or the mop only tackles part of the problem. Even when you’ve swept or mopped away the visible dirt, you may still be left with smells that need attention. That’s why you need a scented floor cleaner – and there is no better choice than Clorox® Scentiva Multipurpose Disinfectant Cleaners.

Removing smells from floors

Even the most diligent homeowner will know that it’s not easy to eliminate unwanted smells, even after careful mopping. Daily cleaning can leave a residue which may give off an odor.

That’s where Clorox® Scentiva makes the difference. Our range of disinfecting products are ideal multi-surface floor cleaners. They’ll leave the most beautiful scent after you’ve finished mopping or wiping your floor.

Where other floor cleaners fail

Unpleasant floor smells can be caused by a range of factors. Dust and dirt that has been walked in from outside is the most obvious factor, but there are many others. Crumbs or splashes from food and drink as well as pet urine (even after it’s been wiped up) are other common sources.

A less-obvious factor can be leaky or ineffective household appliances. Washing machines or dishwashers can trap moisture that can give off an odor. Even vacuum cleaners, if they leave particles of dust or dirt, can be a source.

Wiping down or mopping your floors is the only sure way to remove bacteria that can lead to unwanted odors. But if your floor cleaner isn’t sufficiently powerful or if it’s over-diluted, you may struggle to remove the bad smells.

Cleaners that don’t clean thoroughly

Some cleaners might remove the surface bacteria and disguise an odor for a few minutes. As soon as the initial scent dissipates, you’re back to the smell you were hoping to get rid of again! Plus, your floor simply isn’t as clean as you’d like it to be. The formulation just isn’t good enough to remove stubborn, ground-in dirt.

Over-diluting with water

It’s easy to over-dilute a multi-surface floor cleaner, especially if the instructions on the bottle are not clear.

If a floor cleaner liquid – including one with fragrance – is too weak, it just won’t do the job properly.

Unclean cleaning equipment

There’s also the issue of dirt and bacteria getting trapped and compounded into cleaning equipment such as mops and cloths. If these are not washed regularly, they will simply spread bacteria and bad smells every time they are re-used.

Dirt trapped in grouting and gaps

If your floor has joints or crevasses – like grouting between tiles, or imperfections in wood or slate – these will need extra attention to avoid bacterial build-up.

Scents that don’t last

Many regular floor cleaner products promise a pleasant, lasting fragrance. Whilst some smell nice in the bottle, there are few whose fragrance remains beautiful and uplifting even when diluted and used on floors. If the scent is not designed to last, it will simply dissipate very quickly.

Why Scentiva is the ideal choice

Instead of trying numerous different scented floor cleaners, why not make your life easier and pick from the Clorox® Scentiva range?

Thanks to our work with renowned Fragrance Houses, we have co-created a great-smelling range that will help you power through dirt, dust and grime on any floor.

It’s bleach-free, and it eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria* – filling your home with a fabulous scent and transforming your home cleaning experience.

Our Multipurpose Disinfectant Cleaner is ideal for homeowners seeking a powerful floor cleaner liquid with fragrance:

  • It comes in two size options: 1,500ml, or 3,000ml.
  • It’s easy to use, handy to store, and economical.
  • Use it on your floors and feel confident that all unwanted dirt and grime will be removed quickly and effectively.

Best of all, your home will be infused with the fabulous smell of Tuscan Lavender, Madagascan Citrus Grove, Japanese Spring Blossom, or Mediterranean Pine Forest: the choice is yours.

The secrets to a clean, extraordinary smelling floor

Choosing the right product is quite important if you want to give your home a clean, wonderful smelling floor. But there are other tips we can share, too – all of these should help make a big difference:

Cleaning frequency

How often you clean your floors is a big factor. Using a lovely, scented floor cleaner is a fantastic idea, and will certainly enhance the way your home smells. That’s why we recommend using them regularly – once a week, for example, is ideal for an average household.

If you have pets, or children, or if you work outside, you might want to clean your floors more often. And if you have hosted a party, we’d definitely recommend getting the mop and bucket out.

Dirt and dust from the outdoors

You may want to use your fragrant floor cleaner more often if you have lots of visitors, have children playing outdoors, or pets in the house.

Think of how often you may consider lighting a scented candle to bring a lovely relaxing smell to your home. You can actually one-up that aroma using Scentiva’s floor cleaner liquid with fragrance. You’ll benefit from sparkling floors and an extraordinary-smelling home!

Storing and drying your cleaning equipment

It’s also important to consider where you store your cleaning equipment. And we’re not just talking about safety and security here. You should definitely store your floor cleaner liquid out of reach of children and animals.

It’s also important to consider how and where you store your mops and your cleaning cloths. Ideally, these should be rinsed out after every use, and if possible, left to dry in natural light. Storing a damp mop or cloth will only contribute to smells in your house. The next time you clean, these odors can be transferred back to your floor.

Scentiva’s range of extraordinary scents

Our Multipurpose Disinfectant Cleaner comes in three fabulous scents you’d love to use! How about Madagascar Citrus Grove, Tuscan Lavender, Japanese Spring Blossom, or Mediterranean Pine Forest? You could almost say that the Scentiva range crosses the bridge between floor cleaner liquid and aromatherapy kit!

This really is a transformative method of keeping your home and your floors beautifully clean. Removing bacteria and viruses* makes you more comfortable. Why not enhance that with a lovely fragrance that will almost certainly make you feel optimistic and uplifted, too?

Aromatherapists have used this principle for years. You don’t need to be one to enjoy the benefits of a “quick lift” from our wonderful fragrances!

Next time you feel the need for a calming influence, or an uplifting mood boost, reach for Clorox® Scentiva’s fabulous range of disinfecting products and floor cleaner liquids. We don’t think you’ll find a more effective or sensorially rewarding scented floor cleaner.

Why not give the Scentiva range a try and see, smell and experience for yourself?

*Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Enterococcus hirae, Staphylococcus aureus, Influenza A virus, Respiratory SyncytialVirus (RSV).