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Tuscan Lavender

Let the Tuscan Lavender scent welcome you with its aromatic and soothing scent, immersing you - and your home - in a beautifully relaxing mood.

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Japanese Spring Blossom

No matter the season, Japanese Spring Blossom will envelope you in a joyful mood that leaves a pleasant and timeless impression in your home.

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Madagascar Citrus Grove

This blend of the citrus grove will transport you to the stunning fields of Madagascar, creating an amazingly refreshing mood. 

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What Makes Our Scents Extraordinary?

We believe that scents have the power to transform your home and take you on a sensorial journey.

That's why we turned to the world's top fragrance houses to help us build unique, well-crafted scents. The result is our Scentiva range, that engage the senses, sparks joy and transforms your home – all without sacrificing efficacy and the disinfecting power of Clorox.

Disinfection just got better with our extraordinary scents.