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Clorox® Bleach can clean & disinfect all that & more...

Clorox® Bleach is a multitasking machine. Not a literal machine, just a figurative machine. Really, it's a simple chemical compound that does a lot more than you probably ever thought it could do.

Bleach Protects Stuff


A few drops of Clorox® Bleach can help flowers last longer. Add 1/4 teaspoon Clorox Regular Bleach to 850 ml of cold water, stir, pour into your vase, and then add the flowers. Science!

Did you know?

Bleach begins and ends its lifecycle as salt and water.

Bleach Facts

Did you know?

Bleach removes stains from surfaces and clothes.

Cleaning & Disinfecting with Bleach

Bleach Cleans Stuff

Keep your floor looking shiny all year long.


Trying to keep your old sneakers looking their freshest?

Dirty sheets? Bleach won't judge, but it will remove evidence.


Real chefs know what it takes to clear away tough food stains.

It takes real cleaning power to tackle coffee stains in fabric.


Clorox® Bleach to the rescue for all the muddy messes from outdoors.

Thanks to the professional touch of bleach, there's no stopping the music.


Leave your kitchen counter looking as shiny as your dishes.

Bleach Disinfects Stuff

When it comes to germy toys, bleach doesn't play around.

rubber duck

Germy sinks and drains are no match for the power of bleach.

See how it effectively cleans and disinfects showers and tubs.