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The secret to a wonderful smelling house is a scented surface cleaner!

Removing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses* never smelled so good – thanks to Clorox® Scentiva’s scented surface cleaning products!

Let’s get one thing clear: cleaning your home and making it smell fabulous are not two mutually exclusive activities! For many years, surface cleaner products were either scent-free, or at the very least they had that familiar ‘chemical’ fragrance.

Not so with Scentiva! Our incredible range is super-effective at cleaning dirt, dust and spillages. Best of all, it smells absolutely wonderful – and there is a variety of fragrances to choose from, too. What’s not to love?!

Scentiva’s products are one of a kind!

Pick up a Scentiva surface cleaning spray and you’ll soon see what makes our products so wonderful to use.

With the power to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses*, you can safely use them on pretty much every surface in your home – on food preparation or dining areas, play areas, bathroom surfaces, floors and much more.

Not only do our products remove unwanted dirt, dust, bacteria and viruses*, they also leave the most extraordinary scent. For instance, imagine being transported to an inviting field of Tuscan Lavender, or how about a Madagascar Citrus Grove, or a Japanese Spring Blossom orchard? Our range of scents are so evocative, you’ll feel like you are really there.

How’s that for a sensorial cleaning experience?

Let’s look at the science

The fact is, every time you use your household surfaces – preparing or eating a meal, or playing with the kids – you are inadvertently transferring bacteria onto your surfaces.

Even clean hands carry small amounts of bacteria: it’s just a fact of life. Since bacteria are the primary source of unwanted smells, unwashed surfaces can start to give off a certain aroma.

What you need to do then is remove the bacteria – ideally with something that leaves a fresh scent to help with any unwanted odors.

Bacterial build-up can lead to odors everywhere

It’s not only kitchens and bathrooms that can start to smell a little. If you have an office space, for example, you’ll need to use a good multi-surface cleaner regularly. Don’t forget to wipe underneath house-mats, behind laptops or desktop computers, and on chair seats. Even the undersides of tables can gather a surprising amount of dust and bacteria.

For living rooms, make sure you regularly wipe down windows, tables, and any other surface that might inadvertently pick up bacteria. Even picture-glass can contain bacterial elements – all of which can lead to unwanted indoor smells. The same applies to hallways, stairways, and landings.

If you use an area of your home or office, you can bet that there will be some bacterial build-up that needs tackling.

Don’t forget to clean overlooked areas!

It’s especially important to remember those hard-to-reach places, such as tricky corners or along a seam of grouting. These areas often get overlooked, making them particularly prone to collecting dirt and grime. As a result, it’s areas like these that are often the source of those smells you really want to get rid of.

Other regular culprits include cutlery drawers, medicine cabinets, petfood storage areas, and shoe cupboards. It’s so easy for these areas to trap bacteria. As a result, they may start to develop unwanted smells. Naturally, we don’t always think about cleaning these parts of the home so frequently.

Even the neatest, tidiest homeowner will have noticed that these areas can become less-than-spotless! No problem, though – with a really good, scented surface cleaner, the unwanted marks and bacteria can be removed quickly, and a lovely smell will be restored to your home.

Don’t just remove odors – leave spectacular scents!

Removing bacteria is extremely important in any home, and makes you feel confident that your living environment is germ-free for you, your family, and your visitors.

Clorox® Scentiva takes that cleaning experience a step further. Using our product range does much more than removing bacterial build-up – it leaves a fantastic scent wherever you use it. Choose from three extraordinary fragrances: Madagascar Citrus Grove, Japanese Spring Blossom, and Tuscan Lavender.

Our Disinfectant Wipes, meanwhile, are available in Tahitian Grapefruit Splash, and Pacific Breeze and Coconut. What a wonderful way to make your home smell fabulous and feel completely clean!

We’ve made it so easy to remove stubborn dirt and stains

The whole Scentiva product line has been carefully formulated, making it easy for you to power through stains, spills and smells, without leaving a sticky or unpleasant-smelling residue. They are also bleach-free.

Quick, comfortable cleaning

Take our multi-surface cleaner, with its handy nozzle and ‘trigger’ mechanism. This makes it ideal for targeting specific areas that need cleaning or disinfecting – for example, baked-on sauce spots in the kitchen, or makeup spillages in the bathroom.

No need to delay cleaning these up. One or two quick sprays and a wipe, and the spillage is gone – leaving a gorgeous, fragrant scent in its place.

That bit of dust or dirt that made its way in from the road or the driveway? Gone in moments, leaving just a lovely fresh smell. Keep a bottle of this handy, and cleaning up will become easier, more comfortable, and much more rewarding.

Great value for money and easy to store

Our multi-surface cleaner comes in a 500ml bottle, making it cost-effective and easy to store away in a cupboard or a cleaning box. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and very economical, too.

Then there’s our Multipurpose Disinfectant Cleaner. This is available in two larger sizes: 1,500ml or 3,000ml bottles. It’s a real ‘hero’ product, tackling dirt or grime wherever it is applied. Just follow the instructions on the back of the bottle: dilute the fluid as instructed in a bowl or bucket, and then you’re ready to mop floors, clean down surfaces, and get your home lovely and clean again.

Practical disinfecting wipes in a flash

For quick cleaning jobs – such as wiping down a doorhandle or mopping a little spillage – our Disinfecting Wipes are perfect. These come in a handy canister which is easy to store and even easier to use. You can keep them in your car or in your office desk drawer. So next time you accidentally splash your coffee, or want to wipe away some crumbs, you’ll be glad you remembered them!

With 75 wipes in each canister, you won’t have to replace your supply too often. Best of all, our clear-drying formula leaves nothing but a lovely, clean surface behind, with 99.9% of bacteria and viruses* removed. And with our signature fresh scents filling the air, you’ll be glad you used them. You’ve got Tahitian Grapefruit Splash, and Pacific Breeze and Coconut to choose from – why not have one of each, for variety!

Enjoy your cleaning experience

We firmly believe that household cleaning should be an enjoyable, uplifting experience that enhances your mood and gives you a clean, extraordinary-smelling home.

For a stimulating, rewarding cleaning experience that you can genuinely look forward to, trust Clorox® Scentiva. Your surfaces will thank you; your family will thank you; and when your friends come over and comment on how wonderful your home smells, they’ll surely thank you, too!

Once you’ve experienced the delightful scents of a Clorox® Scentiva multi-surface cleaner, you’ll never turn back.

*HIV 1, Ebola, Hepatitis A, Avian Influenza Type A, MRSA, Influenza A, Influenza A2, Salmonella Choleraesius